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Finally in 2010 December hubby for the first time allowed my regular lover to cum to our own house to fuck me. He wanted to make a few gonzo films with full themes see Fuck That Pool Guy and Beat Me Fuck Me for others in this series for example and using a familiar setting allowed him to set things up in a more particular fashion with better preparation. You get to enjoy his hard work and I get to enjoy getting stuck from both ends simultaneous over and over again by two super hard and horny manpigs over the course of several hours. After these little gangbangs my jaws ache from sucking cock my elbows and knees are raw from getting it like a dog for hours and my muscles and bones throb from wrestling with two fullgrown pigs throughout the event. Imagine a lone helpless woman left to defend herself against two or more full grown men for hours and hours A girls not really made for that kind of abuse well she IS but nobody is supposed to know about it

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