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March of 2013 hubby arranged a meeting with one of my favorite lovers who came over dressed as some kind of laborer. We called him our pool guy because we arranged the introduction around our pool. These are some of my favorite MFM pics I think because I really like the contrast and context of the white deck blue waters white lingerie and green eyes. Plus those two big thick bones really stand out I love being on my knees before multiple men. I love to switch off giving them head back and forth and I absolutely love it when they switch off on me end to end. I also think the best part of these little parties is the pantyremovingceremony where all the guys gather round to peel off my thongs and expose my pink wet little pussy fully for the first time. Theyre in such awe of it that my clit gets instantly stiff and stays that way until one of them graciously licks me off. Like a gentleman.

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