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How To Roll A Fatty

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For XXXMas of 2010 hubby and I arranged this fun shoot for your perverted entertainment. Do you know the joke about how a man should fuck a fat chick No The answer roll her in flour and look for the wet spot SO hubby arranged to shoot this scenario along with my pussy for your viewing pleasure. When we published this video originally the fanpigs loved it I dont think they ever saw anything so erotic and funny at the same time In fact during all the time that weve been looking at Internet porn we never saw anything like it. This may be a one of a kind video and we sincerely hope you enjoy it so much so that you NEVER look at an XXXMas present the same way again On a side note in case youre interested hubby claims the feel of my skin under all that flour was as fine as it feels when covered in a slinky silk nighty And dont get me started on the cream pie It was like mixing up a batch of pussy biscuits So pop some wood and start stroking but not TOO fast Youll start a fire001 Merry XXXMas What would YOU do if you received your very own fatty as a present Would you roll me in flour and fuck the wetspot like hubby did Or would you return me to the store for a rancid whore Well What would you do Spankbot

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