Bad Kitty

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For Halloween of 2010 I dressed up like a bad kitty cat to please my husband. This is how I went trickortreating in the neighborhood my ass readily visible every time I had to bend over to retrieve dropped candy. And I dropped the candy A LOT. Dont worry though no kitties were harmed in the making of this film except for the Bad Kitty who was pinned down and stuck in the mouth and pussy viciously and deeply and often by her perverted manpig husband. To prevent such cruelty in the future please donate as many loads of semen as you can spare for the cause. Simply squirt your wad into a tissue and mail it directly to the Bad Kitty in a place called Tight Pussy Ohio which is just north of Cincinnati. where you can fuck her yourself by leaving a nice comment with valid email address. As soon as possible the Bad Kitty will greedily lap up your hot steamy nutmilk with her delicate purple tongue. True story pervert

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