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'Olivia Jackson, dressed in an eye-poppingly tight, button-down blouse and a mini-skirt, is called into an office. In most offices, she would probably be told to not come to work dressed like that because it's too distracting. (That's what's wrong with this society. What do these critical jerks know?) However in our offices, Olivia's way of dressing is welcome, beloved and encouraged. So Olivia is not in any kind of corporate trouble now. In fact, it's time to unbutton, unzip and unhook and show every inch of her spectacular and outstanding rack. The very wonderful Olivia wanted to experience something for the first time and that something was hot-modeling. A friend saw the many big boobs and busty hotties of SCORE and V-mag and told Olivia that she would be perfect. Her friend is Olivia's best girlfriend. Olivia took her advice and sent in a few snaps she took at home. 'We've watched pornos together just to take notes,' says Olivia. 'She (Olivia's best friend) happened to go online and looked up some modeling info for herself. She saw The SCORE Group and saw that you specialize in women with nice breasts. She doesn't have big breasts herself. She's kind of petite, probably an A-cup. She could push a B sometimes.'

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